Dr. Glenn Daman Pastor, Author and Director of the Center for Small Church Leadership, author of "Shepherding the Small Church," "Leading the Small Church," and "Developing Leaders in the Small Church."

Les Puryear, Pastor and church planter, Author of  "The Beauty of the Small Church."

Mike Jones:  Assistant Director, Village Missions.

Mark Danielson, Assistant Director, Rural Home Missions Association.

Dr. Vern Wilkinson, District Representative, Village Missions, Author of "The Bible, Live:  A Basic Guide for Preachers and Teachers in Small Churches." 

Dr. John Koessler ,Chair and Professor of Pastoral Studies, Moody Bible Institute.  Author of "No Little Places."

Shawn McMullen, Pastor, editor of The Lookout magazine, Author of "Unleashing the Potential of the Smaller Church," and "Releasing the Power of the Smaller Church"

Mike Boyle, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Studies, Moody Bible Institute

Dr. Gordan Anderson, Ministry Director, InFaith Ministries (formerly American Missionary Fellowship).

Abe Funk, Author of "Hope for the Small Church."

Dr. Dennis Bickers, Southwest Area Resource Minister, American Baptist Churches of Indiana and Kentucky, author of  several books on the small church and bivocational ministry including:  "The Healthy Small Church,"  "The Bivocational Pastor," and  "The Tent Making Pastor."

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